Consortium d’Etablissements Français d’Enseignement Supérieur et de Recherche pour le développement de l’USTH


USTH is an innovative university model boasting all the attributes of the leading world universities. It offers the students an extensive portfolio of high level scientific courses to help  them secure top management international positions. 
Studying at USTH means making the most of English taught courses focusing on new technologies and the business world with a strong international scope. It also means being granted a jointly certified degree by France and Vietnam according to the BMD system (in compliance with the Sorbonne-Bologna process). USTH also trains the researchers of tomorrow’s Vietnam, thus contributing to its enhanced scientific and economic development.

  • The main assets of USTH  in a nutshell:
  •  High quality teaching by egregious French and Vietnamese lecturers
  •  Multidisciplinary courses
  •  Leading research laboratories
  •  Research focusing on high standard technological development
  •  Opening up to the global society and to the business world
  •  Multidisciplinary and multilingual teaching