Consortium d’Etablissements Français d’Enseignement Supérieur et de Recherche pour le développement de l’USTH


Best Wishes from the Président

Ladies and Gentlemen, dear colleagues in France and Vietnam

On the occasion of this new year which promises to be very
important and probably decisive forthe future of this
beautiful Franco-Vietnamese collaboration that is the USTH,
the team of management of the Consortium and I send you our
best wishes for 2021. We also warmly thank you for your
continued active participation, especially during this
recent period that we have together managed to overcome
thanks to everyone's commitment and mutual trust.

Bernard Legube President of the Consortium of French Higher
Education and Research Institutions in support of USTH.

Opening of the strategic seminar in the USTH amphitheatre, attended by large Vietnamese and French delegations. At the podium (from right to left): Thi Dinh Mai Thanh (Vietnamese Rector), Etienne Saur (French Rector) and Bernard Legube

Thanks to the documentation service of the USTH