Consortium d’Etablissements Français d’Enseignement Supérieur et de Recherche pour le développement de l’USTH

The 911 USTH grant scheme

The 911 program came to his end in 2017 but should be replaced by a new program in 2à20.

The 911 USTH grant scheme and the related program entitled “ How to become a researcher-lecturer at USTH”.

The Vietnamese government has initiated two consecutive programs aimed at training scientists in foreign institutions:  the 322 program has already trained 4,600 Vietnamese citizens in over 30 countries worldwide and the 911 program launched in 2011 has trained Vietnamese PhD students abroad.

Grants awarded every year to USTH by the  Vietnam International Education Development (VIED) enable 40 Vietnamese PhD students to work in French research laboratories members of the USTH consortium. Their three-year thesis must cover one of the USTH core themes (Biotechnology-Pharmacology –Water-Environment-Oceanography-Materials Science- Nanotechnologies, Renewable energies , ICTs, Space and applications). The themes suggested to the selected PhD students are chosen by the French research laboratories and approved/ by the institutions. The lecturers may support the application(s) whose themes are close to their field of research.

PhD students must complete their thesis within three years. A prolongation can be decided subject to prior authorization and availability of funding.

The grant amounts to approx.900 € net. Grant holders also benefit from a social insurance scheme allocated by the French Embassy. It covers health and additional insurance, civil liability insurance and university registration fees waiver. They benefit both from the French and the foreign government grant schemes managed by the CNOUS (National Student Social Service) and by Campus France since September 12th 2012.  They are also entitled to priority access to University Halls of Residence managed by the CROUS (Regional Student Social Service). Research laboratories must make sure that the grants are sufficient for PhD students to register in a Doctoral School prior to offering them any theme for research.

Please note: should a PhD student not complete his thesis without justification, he/she will have to repay the amounts received to VIED.

After defending their thesis, the PhD students shall return to Vietnam where they will gain researchers-lecturers positions,

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PhD research themes selection

A call for research themes is launched among the USTH member institutions during the academic year (in September most of the time). The lecturers must submit them together with the requested visas prior to the meeting of the selection jury. Preference is given to the themes matching USTH needs and to the institutions which actively contribute to research topic development.

The shortlistd topics are then presented to USTH PhD applicants who choose their research theme. The thesis supervisors appraise the choice made by the applicants who then defend, in front of the jury held in Hanoï, the theme of their choice taking into account the thesis supervisor fields of interest.